Galvanized woven mesh is a type of wire mesh that is produced by weaving galvanized steel wire. The galvanizing process involves coating the steel wire with a layer of zinc to protect it from corrosion and increase its durability.

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The galvanized woven mesh has a large number of fields of application:

Underground mining

Woven mesh is used as rock support to protect tunnels and galleries, and for the construction of retaining walls and support pillars in underground excavations.

Open pit mining

Woven mesh is used to retain the rock mass and protect work areas in open pit mines.

Construction of retaining walls

Woven mesh is used to build retaining walls in underground excavations and in open pit mining.

Support pillars

Woven mesh is used to build support pillars in underground excavations and in open pit mining.

Tunnel and gallery protection

Woven mesh is used to protect tunnels and galleries in underground excavations.

Slope protection

Woven mesh is used to protect work areas and prevent landslides on the slopes of open pit mines.


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There are several advantages to using galvanized woven mesh, including:

Lower cost per square meter

Galvanized woven mesh, being a lighter solution than other similar ones, results in a lower cost per square meter.

Corrosion resistance

Galvanized woven mesh is protected against corrosion due to its zinc coating. This helps to prolong the mesh’s lifespan and makes it ideal for use in humid and corrosive environments.

Load resistance

It has greater resistance to the punctual load of rupture than standard woven mesh, increasing safety.


It adapts better to the imperfections presented by the rock mass.

Customizable Dimensions

By being able to customize the rolls, both in width and length, it allows for significant savings in losses from overlaps and cuts.

Easy Manipulation

Thanks to its deformability and being supplied with spring knots at the ends, it has an adequate performance when handling and unrolling the mesh.


Due to its construction of galvanized steel wire, the galvanized woven mesh is extremely strong and durable, making it ideal for use in applications that require a sturdy mesh.


The galvanized woven mesh is very versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, from construction to mining, agriculture, and protection.


The process of installing welded mesh in underground mining generally involves the following steps:

  1. Before installing the mesh, the work area must be prepared, which includes removing any loose material or rock fragments that may fall on workers.
  2. The mesh is measured and cut into sections that fit the shape and size of the excavation.
  3. The mesh is secured to the substrate by a variety of methods, including bolts.
  4. If the mesh needs to be cut to fit the specific shape of the area, it can be done with cutting tools such as metal scissors or wire cutters.
  5. After the mesh has been installed, final adjustments can be made and additional finishing, such as painting, can be applied to protect the mesh from corrosion.