We offer quality tests to ensure that the supplied products meet the quality and safety standards required by regulations and the industry. These tests are carried out on-site and conducted according to the procedure specific to each product. This way, we guarantee that the products our customers use meet the requirements and offer maximum safety.

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We verify the support system through the testing of the installed products to ensure that the predicted support is being achieved. This maximizes the safety and efficiency of the mining operation and ensures that the support systems are functioning properly.

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We offer a technical consultancy to assist mine operators in resolving any technical issues related to the support system. This may include; identifying and resolving problems with ground stability, product adhesion, and other technical issues related to mine support. Our technical consulting experts provide valuable insights that ensure the support systems are functioning optimally and safely.

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We offer technical training to help mine operators better understand the products and support systems, as well as the best practices for their installation and use. Our goal is to provide our customers with the information and knowledge they need to maximize the efficiency and safety of their underground mining operations.

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