Tackling The Covid-19

Tackling The Covid-19

Tackling The Covid-19 2000 1224 Onix Underground

At ONIX UNDERGROUND we have applied polices and protocols to all of our employees who physically work in our offices and factory in order to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. The major practices that we have applied, which protect employees, customers and communities are:

  1. Clean workplaces and shared items
  2. Place sanitizers along workplaces
  3. Reinforce handwashing procedures to limit the virus exposure
  4. Reduce office capacity
  5. Practice social distancing by maintaining 2-meter distance between employees and customers
  6. Encouraging employees to wear cloth face coverings and gloves in the workplace, if appropriate

Even though COVID-19 pandemic affected the mining industry in a variety of ways, we have been optimizing our business operations and strategy to continue being operative and efficient fulfilling our responsibilities with our customers. Obviously, we do not know how long will last this situation and it will depend on the spread of the virus. However, ensuring that our supply chain is functioning well is a key element for us. Our main goal is to be able to manufacture and deliver efficiently our support products so any downtime is minimised therefore customer productivity is maximised.

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